Serving the Children of the World
Ten Percent of Our Club Attend D-Con in Tempe
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The "D-Con 9" in this photo spent a pleasant weekend in Tempe...

Mike Williams: A Top Ten Kiwanian
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Mike Williams has passed away.  Hopefully his exemplary record of service...

More Than a Cookout
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THANKS to John and Cookie Emerson for hosting another wonderful evening...


August Updates include PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE, AUG. MONDAY LUNCHEON SPEAKER INFO (Tabs at left), and a link to a cool video, (scroll down a bit).

Registration for Balloon Fiesta work is NOW OPEN !  click here:                           

Thanks for visiting the Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque !

Organized in 1917, the Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque is the oldest Kiwanis Club in New Mexico. We support our community through the Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.

Find out more about how Kiwanis serves our community. Join us each Monday at Noon at the MCM Eleganté Hotel Albuquerque. 2020 Menaul Blvd. NE (just east of University).  

#KidsNeedKiwanis !

Hear What Senior Members Say About Our Club:   Click here to Watch 4.5 minute video









There are 40 days left to recruit donors and golfers to our Golf Event.  We think we have about 64 golfers -- about half the number we need before Sept. 8.  We have a few sponsors, but need quite a few more.  Everyone should be asking any likely donor to step up for us !!

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Kohl's Shopping Spree Brings Big Smiles

Organizers and Officers pose with Kohl's staff during the Shopping Spree June 29

The Six Permanent Objects

Object 1: To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.
Object 2: To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.
Object 3: To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business and professional standards.
Object 4: To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship.
Object 5: To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service and to build better communities.
Object 6: To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will.