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Compost Class Sept. 30 at Kiwanis Learning Garden
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-Composting Workshop- for the whole family

Master Composter Les Storhaug 

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100th Anniversary Celebration Promises Goosebumps Sept. 16
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More than just an installation and a great BBQ, Sept. 16 has been exquisitely...

Mike Williams: A Top Ten Kiwanian
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Mike Williams has passed away.  Hopefully his exemplary record of service...


JERILYN FAYE BERNADETTE NORTON BROWN EMERSON, aka “Cookie Emerson”, is a Georgia transplant who arrived in New Mexico in 1982, amazed by the brown color, amazing horizons,  multi-cultural diversity, instant watering of lawn, so many Catholics, and weather to not die of but for.  She was hooked on day one and never looked back at Georgia as the place to return, but to keep fondly in memory  friends, school and relatives left behind.

 Educated in Georgia in the University system, she left the work force in 1972  as her first two children arrived, becoming a stay-at- home mom from then on.  Married to Ft. Valley, Ga. native Ellis Brown in 1970, they created a totally different lifestyle upon moving to the southwest.  The pull of gentry and propriety was a bit slack in NM, and the young Browns liked the culture assimilation afforded to them and their children.  Integration was alive and well, and that suited their family just fine.

Volunteer work gave Cookie’s life drive and purpose, first with Risen Savior church, then the NM Symphony Guild,  and finally on to Kiwanis.  After losing Ellis to death in 1998, she met and married a Sandia Senior Scientist from upper state New York , John Emerson.  While doing pre-marital counseling at church, their counselor said their biggest challenges would be that he was from New York and she was from Georgia.  She hit the nail squarely on the head.

John and Cookie now live in Corrales where life is shaded with cotton trees and Village meetings, seeing all the same friends at different group meetings, and appreciating that it does indeed take a village to create a stronger village with the challenges of makeing progress while keeping the best of the past. Contentious but genuine.  They love Corrales and New Mexico - it is home.