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Funeral Service for Warren Rowe This Saturday, June 24 - 06/20/2017
Submitted by: Jack Ferguson

Jack Ferguson has passed along the sad news that Warren Rowe passed away June 17.  There will be a service for him this Saturday at 10AM at St. John XXIII Church.   It is located at 4831 Tramway Ridge NE.  We have lost another good Kiwanis Brother!           

Shopping Spree Helps Large Family - 05/20/2017
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Valerie Holton, Advisor of the Manzano Mesa K Kids Club, offered to help 3 youngsters of a new family at the school, by donating some of the proceeds of their 2016-17 fundraising efforts.  But when the family arrived at Walmart last week, she was met by 9 relatives who were hoping for some assistance!  Recovering quickly to cover the cost of a $900 shopping spree, Valerie said, "We all chipped in everything we could come up with, on the spot !  Even the translator and some of the Walmart employees helped us provide each of the children with new clothes or shoes."

Jim Darby Recuperating at Genesis Rehab - 05/07/2017
Submitted by: Cookie Emerson

Jim fell while walking recently and broke his hip.  He is undergoing therapy at Genesis Rehab;  visitors are welcome.