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April Speaker Line-Up - Paulette is Chairperson - 03/14/2018
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1. April 3 Kathleen Raskob, Executive Director, Oasis Senior Center,, to talk about their lecture series and other offerings in adult education

2. April 10 Roger Melone, conductor of the New Mexico Philharmonic Chorus

3. April 17 Chris Luchini, Chairman of the New Mexico Libertarian Party, to discuss getting on the ticket in a national election along with other issues

4. April 24 Jacques Blair, Economist for City of Albuquerque, discussing our city and it's issues.  

Check Out All March Speakers - Chair is Mike Crews - 02/15/2018

March 6:     Rebecca Prinster, Assistant Curator of History Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.  Topic: Showcasing Lesser Known Albuquerque History through Community Curated Exhibitions.

March 13:  Bill Baker, Artist and World Traveler,  Topic: Artistic Adventures with Bill Baker

March 20:  Steve Brewer, Author and teacher at UNM Honors College.  Topic:  The Life of A Writer: You Call This A Living?

March 27:  Michael Gallagher, Albuquerque Journal Investigative Reporter.  Topic: Cartels and the US Drug Epidemic


I believe Rebecca and Bill will be using the projector and Steve and Michael said they will not.