Serving the Children of the World

A Message from our 100th President

“Save the Date”

As you may know, October 3, 2017 is our official 100th birthday.  Due to the whirlwind of activities surrounding the Balloon Fiesta each year, we are planning on having our official birthday party in conjunction with the induction banquet for the 101st President, Mr. Jeff Rowe. The event is planned for September 16th at the Elena Gallegos Kiwanis Picnic area.

We plan to have the Service Leadership organizations in the AM and early PM hours for picnic and games and the early evening hours for the actual induction banquet. We will have photos of our past presidents, their projects and information about the club over the years spread around the area for all to see and even a telescope pointed at the Kiwanis Cabin so it can be seen during the event.

We will be sending out a “Save the Date” notice to all members just after the first of June.


Mark W. Haley, Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque, 100th President and very proud of it.