Serving the Children of the World
Funeral Service for Warren Rowe This Saturday, June 24

Jack Ferguson has passed along the sad news that Warren Rowe passed away June...

Shopping Spree Helps Large Family
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Valerie Holton, Advisor of the Manzano Mesa K Kids Club, offered to help 3 youngsters...

Jim Darby Recuperating at Genesis Rehab

Jim fell while walking recently and broke his hip.  He is undergoing therapy at...

Batsels' New Address
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Charlie and Maggie have moved to the Manzano Del Sol Village at 5201...

Young Children: Priority One (YCPO) is the Kiwanis Intl. movement supporting our youngest children and their parents.  Early Childhood Development (ECD) refers to wide-ranging national efforts to promote the health, education, and safety of children Prenatal through age 6.
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           YCPO Newsletter Jan 2013  , which refers to these four articles:

                        KARA  - How America compares to 'child-friendly' nations

                        SCREEN TIME scan from K Magazine.pdf
                               "Two-thirds of infants and toddlers watch a 
                                 screen more than two hours a day."

                        SCARED SICK   
                                "Violence begins in the brain, and the brain                         
                                  begins in the womb."
                        PARENTS, NOT SCREENS -
                                "there is no substitute for human interaction with loving parents 
                                and caretakers and for opportunities for children to explore 
                                their physical environment."