Serving the Children of the World
Ten Percent of Our Club Attend D-Con in Tempe
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The "D-Con 9" in this photo spent a pleasant weekend in Tempe...

Mike Williams: A Top Ten Kiwanian
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Mike Williams has passed away.  Hopefully his exemplary record of service...

More Than a Cookout
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THANKS to John and Cookie Emerson for hosting another wonderful evening...

Young Children: Priority One (YCPO) is the Kiwanis Intl. movement supporting our youngest children and their parents.  Early Childhood Development (ECD) refers to wide-ranging national efforts to promote the health, education, and safety of children Prenatal through age 6.
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           YCPO Newsletter Jan 2013  , which refers to these four articles:

                        KARA  - How America compares to 'child-friendly' nations

                        SCREEN TIME scan from K Magazine.pdf
                               "Two-thirds of infants and toddlers watch a 
                                 screen more than two hours a day."

                        SCARED SICK   
                                "Violence begins in the brain, and the brain                         
                                  begins in the womb."
                        PARENTS, NOT SCREENS -
                                "there is no substitute for human interaction with loving parents 
                                and caretakers and for opportunities for children to explore 
                                their physical environment."